Short Fuse

Short Fuse is an audio curatorial project by Marion Harrison. Short Fuse consists of 5 experimental mini residencies, which take place within a series of themed studios.

The mini residencies lasted 2 days each during July and August with 2-4 invited artists in each studio.

The studios do not physically exist within one place; the residencies take place within the artist's own 'studios' from Alan Dunn's Liverpool studio, to Avi Krispin's make shift studio under a blanket in the 36°C soaring heat of Tel Aviv, Israel.

The invited artists were asked to respond to the title of each studio using audio. Short Fuse invited the participants to consider the notion and relevance of the physical, private space of a studio as a place for production, where is the studio today and what are the practices of a studio?

The work produced during the Short Fuse residencies will be broadcast on 9th September at 8pm on Resonance 104.4FM/ The broadcast acts as both exhibition on the airwaves and audio catalogue of the project.

Participants include: Alan Dunn (UK), Constant Dullaart (NL), Derek Horton (UK), Avi Krispin (IL), Katrin Lock (DE), Tim Brotherton(UK), Rory Macbeth(UK), Harold Offeh (UK), Asa Anderson (SW), Alex Farrar (UK), Justin Gosker (NL), Ahmet Öğüt(TK), Aidan Winterburn (UK), Jurgen Ots (BE).

© Marion Harrison, 2010.