Short Fuse

The Empty Studio

Alan Dunn (UK) —

Alan Dunn

Empty Studio is a two-part psychedelic piece constructed from three days in an empty studio. Each track begins with the sound of background air conditioning slowly tuning itself into the introduction to 'Honeychain' by Throwing Muses and this dichotomy of 'the tune' versus 'the noise' grows to run through both constructions.

The musical element being a slowed down version of 'Don't Quit Your Day Job' written & performed by Derek R. Audette (C) MMIV (Socan) and distributed freely online for other artists to adapt. The noise is Chris Leete's ultrasonic recordings of varying degrees of data being sent to a printer, produced as part of the Chris Watson masterclass at Leeds Metropolitan University and the spoken word element is delivered by Rita Griffiths, former lead singer of Life who released two singles on Factory Records (FAC106 and 122).

The words, written to fit the Johnny Cash version of '25 minutes to go', record three days in the studio, the late night emptiness, the phonecalls, the specificity and the doubts, with more than a nod to Laika's 'Bad times' with the Background version trailing off drifting into excerpts from Dunn's 2008 library-based soundtrack for David jacques' film 'Por Convencion Ferrer'.

Alan Dunn