Short Fuse

The Theory Studio

Åsa Andersson (SW)

Theory Studio 1 (Superviola)

Åsa Anderson

My theory studio has turned out to be a quite solitary space, interrupted by everyday distractions, the sound of a dragonfly, the stirring in a kitchen, an engine. Manual acts lead to thought, and words that trickle out. And with a tiny bell of an alarm - my theory studio is a fuzzy space of comfort.

10 tracks:

  1. Chinese gong (Åsa)

  2. Zbigniew Preisner (from the film "Blue" by K. Kieslowski)

  3. Eugen Cicero (from CD "Rokoko-Jazz")

  4. Lee Berwick (from Su-en Butoh dance performance "Fragrant")

  5. UA (from CD "Breathe")

  6. Sakamoto Ryuichi (song "World Citizen", voice: David Sylvian)

  7. Cocorosie (song "Beautiful Boys")

  8. Arvo Pärt (from CD "Alina")

  9. P J Harvey (song "Grow Grow Grow")

  10. Jan Johansson (song "Skänklåt från Floda")

Quote at the end from Alessandro Baricco's novel "Lands of Glass"